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Development Of RollerSki

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Rollerskiing is skiing without snow that enables skiers to practice in the summer time ready for the winter.

Rollerskiing has been with us for over 50 years and during this time the rollerskiing equipment has improved immensly so much that rollerskiing can now also be considered a fitness sport.

The rollerski sport in the past was restricted to very smooth tarmac cycle tracks but today we have a new breed of models for rollerskiing off track.

Multi-terrain Rollerskis


Now rollerskiing with large inflatable wheels will enable you to go effectively across fields and forest dirt tracks. Some when rollerskiing have brakes at the back wheel so you can also do rollerskiing down hills with a certain safety to beginners. If you are interested in rollerski products please have a look around our site, as we stock many rollerski items from many rollerski brands.

  • Boots
  • Bindings
  • Rollerski Poles
  • Protection gear
  • Tungsten tips
  • Mits
  • Lycra Racing Suits
  • Gloves

Racing/Track RollerSkis

What is Rollerskiing anyway?

Skiing on wheels! This means there is no need for snow. You can roller ski on road or roller ski off-road.

Get Adobe Flash player Why Rollerski?

Because it is a wonderful way to achieve the cardiovascular benefits of Nordic skiing without snow. Rollerskiing simulates snow skiing and you can roller ski almost anywhere. In addition to making you more fit, it also helps you develop balance, rhythm and athletic skills. Oh yeah, it's also a lot of fun!

Getting Started

Get a pair of rollerskis suitable to your level of skill. Skike skis are a good set for beginners and can be used with normal sport shoes. The Skike Kids are the same, but for children. The Skike rollerskis have a rear brake and inflatable wheels, which are more stable and suitable for off-road i.e. grass and rough track rollerskiing.

Next you will need some poles with special tungsten tips, normal tips with slip on tarmac. Rollerski poles can also be used for snow skiing when fitted with a basket (small plastic thing for gripping snow, placed just above the tip).

If you go for normal 2 wheeled skis, you will also need some boots. These attach to the ski using special bindings, which must be compatible with the boots.

We recommend the use of protection when rollerskiing, this includes knee and elbow pads as well as head protection. A normal cycle helmet can be used for head protection.

Now is the time to get started

Boot Sizing Chart

Salomon Boot Sizing

Salomon active pilot at £89

Compatible with Salomon and atomic bindings only

3.5 4 36
4 4.5 36 2/3
4.5 5 37 1/3
5 5.5 38
5.5 6 38 2/3
6 6.5 39 1/3
6.5 7 40
7 7.5 40 2/3
7.5 8 41 1/3
8 8.5 42
8.5 9 42 2/3
9 9.5 43 1/3
9.5 10 44
10 10.5 44 2/3
10.5 11 45 1/3
11 11.5 46
11.5 12 46 2/3
12 12.5 47 1/3
12.5 13 48
13 13.5 48 2/3

Alpina Boot Sizing

Alpina T30 at £85

Compatable with rottefella bindings only

4 4.5 37
5 5.5 38
5.5 6 39
6.5 7 40
7.5 8 41
8 8.5 42
8.5 9 43
9.5 10 44
10.5 11 45
11.5 12 46
12 12.5 47

The Challenge

5 Royal Marine Mountain Leaders will be using the Skike Roller Ski to cover over 1000 miles in only 10 days from John O Groats to Lands End starting, 20 September 11. The challenge is going to be nonstop in a relay fashion, each skier will work a 4 hour shift with 16 hours off for 10 days (Including through the nights).



The Team

The team consists of 5 Mountain Leaders who are all experts in their own right on normal skiís and are responsible for the training of all servicemen that deploy to extreme cold weather and mountainous environments. They are W02 Baz Gray, W01 Ginge Booth, W02 Brent Hushion (Ex Royal Marine Mountain Leader), CSgt Steve Prosser and Sgt Gary Richardson.


The team were supplied with the Skike Roller Ski by Tom here at Euroski earlier in the year. They have been getting out on them as much as their day jobs allow them to. The Roller Ski however is not something any of them have used, before they set themselves this challenge. It was quite comical in the early days watching the team crawling along at a snailís pace and visiting many a roadside ditch (generally when there was a little downhill stretch). However, things have improved and three members of the team met up at Otterburn in the North of England. The aim of the meeting was to prove that they could cover a distance of 100 miles in 24 hours, which was key to proving the challenge was actually doable. The 3 team members, Baz Gray, Ginge Booth and Brent Hushion, on quite a challenging route in quite poor weather, managed to hit the 100 mile mark in under 17 hours. It was doable and the planning was to continue.

The Teams next major training session and the first time the whole team will be together is on Tuesday 09 August. They will be roller skiing for the first time under the actual conditions of the event on the public roads. The team will be protected by a safety vehicle which will be behind them at all times. The route chosen will be the coastal road between Plymouth and Budleigh Salterton (88 miles). The team will also be giving a big boost to its PR campaign as this will be the first opportunity to get team photographs etc.


The Royal Marines (as well as every other arm of the forces) have been going through some really tough times over the last 5 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Far too many families have been torn apart and need all the support they can get to give them the best chance of as normal a life as possible. The Rollers Skis main aims are to raise as much funding and awareness of the plights and issues these men and their families face. The two charities we are supporting are the RMCTF (HOW), Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (Help Our Wounded) and The Baton. These to charities are going to huge lengths to ensure the public are aware of the needs of servicemen and ensuring that the sacrifice they have made does not go unnoticed, in order that they are looked after well, for as long as they need to be.

How can you help?

You can help in a few ways, firstly just tell people about what they are doing, go to their website at www.rmrs1664.co.uk and get more information. You can donate to the cause via the website also. Next, if you are anywhere near the team as they move through the country then go out and support them. The route will be moving through the city centres of Arbroath, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol, Taunton, Honiton, Exmouth and Plymouth. A more detailed route and arrival timings will be posted on the website nearer the time for you to follow if you wish.

london region nordic ski club
Hope we get young winners this year as last year two young lads of the british junior olympic Development team broke the track record of under 30 minuites . Alex Standen who said he can now train outside huntley nordic club in Scotland out on forest tracks. They're training this weekend in the snow wind tunnel in Sweden on snow.

Paddy Field Ex Chairman of the London nordic ski club presenting Skike rollerskis to one of the juniors of Huntley nordic ski club.

London Region Nordic ski club picture of racing starting point and computer recording racing results.

Team Pech

Four members of Team Pech of London were sponsered by Skike UK with 4 pairs of rollerskis to train for an important race in the Swedish arctic circle, in which they came in 1st against a very strong opposition.

Team Pech

The Latest Development in Grass Rollerskiing, A must in training from us.
NEW GRASS SKI / ROLLER SKI AVAILABLE FROM US At £145 With no special boots needed

Ideal for downhill ski training FeeTrac Grass R0llerSki s ea. This rollerski was designed by a Russian most of it is now made in the UK. The idea came to him when seeing large caterpillar earth machines moving around open ground on building projects in Cheshire. Why wasnít the technology on which Feetrac is built invented earlier in the last century or millennium? Perhaps it was once known and lost later? We could speculate that the huge rocks of Egypt's Pyramids were carried thanks to this technology. Like skates and skis F eetrac is something you put your feet on and use to slide on certain surfaces. Feetrac doesnít simply combine well known features of skates, ski or grass ski, but it offers a completely different way of sliding. Ice skating and skiing are enabled by natural low friction of the ice and snow accordingly. In Feetrac there is a roll over effect between the two flat surfaces across plurality of rollers. Feetrac offers skating and skiing on soft and rough surfaces in a way and style which has never been known before (to the current generation at least). Feetrac enables skating and skiing in natural parks instead of skate parks or seasonal ski resorts. Feetrac slides on all terrain except snow. It fastens conveniently to normal shoes and brakes easily without damaging the surface that it slides on, including grass or soil. Feetrac is more comfortable and safer than traditional ski or skates. It provides more freedom of movement and manoeuvre. It requires less space for storage and transportation and is a perfect way to have fun at the park whilst providing your body with vital health benefits. We hope you enjoy sliding with Feetrac very much. Normal Price: £195.00
Our Price: £145

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